What kind of leaders do we want our generation to become? UK101 Online Programme

What is UK101?

UK101 is open to all young people in the UK, ages 18-25.

UK101 is a free, online leadership development programme that explores the concept of UK101 Leadership. As a participant, you will learn alongside a diverse group of peers to develop your own UK101 leadership skills through interactive exercises, engaging articles, and discussion forums. You will also hear stories of UK101 leadership from a wide range of senior and emerging leaders, such as a migrant rights activist, a social entrepreneur, a scientist, an Extinction Rebellion organizer, a former NHS doctor, a mother and daughter duo, and the head of a university business school. The programme takes between 4-6 hours which you can complete at your own pace during the 7-week cohort.

After completing the UK101 programme you will: 

  1. Gain the awareness and confidence to call yourself a UK101 Leader
  2. Learn skills and tools to practice UK101 Leadership in your own context
  3. Build connections with your peers — other leaders from across the UK
  4. Earn a digital UK101 Leadership Badge that you can display on your LinkedIn profile and CV
  5. Become part of the Common Purpose alumni network

Find out more and register here

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