WE WILL Youth Mental Health Campaign

The WE WILL youth mental health campaign group have been busy behind the scenes creating film clips to inspire courage.

Each new audio visual clip will be pinned to the top of their social media channels and there will be a suite of 18 mini clips with a central unifying message. This series of short audio-visual clips, recorded and narrated by young people during lockdown, call upon local residents to have the courage to reach out and help friends and family who might be struggling. Inspiring individuals to ‘have the courage to talk’ and to ‘have the courage to listen’ each reassuring clip directs viewers to WE WILL’s weblink for more information, resources, recommendations and more award-winning films.

All films are being shared on social media channels now and throughout May and June –

Facebook @makingmaryportsmile
Twitter @wewillcampaign
Instagram @wewillcampaign

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