Thomas Shaw

Thomas Shaw

After a few days of deliberating over exactly what to write, and what to say regarding the present situation. Please see my thoughts below. 

Firstly before I divulge my thoughts, and feelings, and give my own perspective on the current situation; I’d like to add that I’m incredibly proud of the NHS, and all key workers, who are caring for patients, researching for a cure, retail assistants keeping our shelves stocked, to the people delivering post, teachers still teaching children of key workers, and everyone else still doing their jobs to keep the county, and our community afloat. 

Strong Community values are important to me, they’re the lifeblood of a community and bring us together in our moments of need. What are community values you may ask? It means looking out for everyone, checking on neighbours; particularly if they’re vulnerable, of a certain age, or live alone. It means, smiling at a passerby (Whilst observing social distancing rules of 2M), and generally helping out; this I why I’ve become an NHS volunteer, and am also working in my local convenience store to help stock food shelves, and policing the front door. I understand that to some people shopping is their only way of seeing people, so a quick conversation can really give someone a boost mentally. 

Over the last few years, I think, on the whole, we as a country had been somewhat divided by the B-word (Brexit), division, and civil unrest had been alarmingly high, across ages, genders, and geographic regions. So, on a positive note, it’s truly remarkable to see, how we as a country, and as a people have for the most part united in the face of adversity. When faced with a challenge, we are resilient and can rise to the occasion. This includes following Government guidelines and staying safe. 

I understand that this time in history we will be judged on how we reacted, and what we did.  I want us to go down as making the best out of a bad situation, working with what we’ve got. As we are now approaching three weeks into the lockdown, for many this new ‘normal’ way of living, operating would have resulted in large adjustments at first, although it doesn’t mean we stop working, stop striving for goals; be it personal, and professional. Adjustments, and adapting key life skills for all involved. At the Cumbria Future Leaders, we are looking at new ways of delivering new virtual STEM, and educational opportunities, and tours to youngsters, and post apprenticeship to allow them to still make the all-important life decisions post-covid19.

Looking to the future, we’re ambitious as to what we can all achieve when we work together behind one common goal, thus includes; improving the Cumbria Future Leaders Website, to facilitate easier, quicker access for all the possible questions that many young adults in Cumbria may have, and displaying the wealth of opportunities that we have in our area. 

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