Photo of CFL Chair, Thomas Shaw

End of year message from CFL Chair, Thomas Shaw

I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank all members of CFL, all our guests, dignitaries, and sponsors. Without your hard work, dedication, continued support, and commitment we couldn’t have made progress and developed our program for change this year. 

Since the start of our national lockdown, the Cumbria Future Leaders has had to respond to our crisis as any other organisation has had to. Our response has been, and continues to be, to maintain links with our Steering Group members, through our monthly meetings, that we now conduct over zoom. This allows us to take advantage of the opportunities that modern technology can offer – that is to stay connected! 

We’ve continued to maintain our resolve, and develop the Steering Group, set out our objectives and chart a course that we wish to follow, employing innovation, communication and networking, with the local business community and mental health champions at the heart of everything we do. 

We have always maintained that as ‘Cumbria’ Future Leaders we shall reflect all of Cumbria and what our picturesque location has to offer in terms of career opportunities, mental health benefits, and tranquility. While appreciating the impact that the local nuclear industry plays and the opportunities for young people this provides, we now openly invite guests from local youth charities and career support services, as well as those from the non-nuclear business community and tertiary sectors too.

We have used the opportunity of lockdown to refocus our efforts towards developing our Instagram page and newsletter, in which we will regularly share appropriate options and offer advice.
Going forward, it is my ambition that we develop a deep and unique partnership with local schools, colleges, and sixth-forms. This will allow us to gain more effective communications with those young people we wish to work with and help – far and wide. 

My message is quite simple – wherever you live in Cumbria, whatever your background, you are the future and we must all work together. The pandemic has become a byword for what we can achieve collectively – working for the common good! 

2020 has been a tumultuous year for many of us, and it is with this in mind that I’d like to end the year in a more positive manner, one in which I look to the future with my head held high in what we can achieve. I passionately believe that we have so much to be proud of and be optimistic about in the years ahead! 

Finally, I wish that everyone may have a Merry Christmas and a peaceful, positive and enjoyable New Year, for 2021.

Stay safe, look out for one another. We are a community and it wouldn’t be a community if we didn’t look out for the common good of everyone. We are a union and family of people – a precious bond that is important in good times and that we rely upon in the bad times. 

Many thanks,  Thomas Shaw

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