Cumbria Unitarisation Consultation

The Government is consulting on proposals to change the way local government is organised in Cumbria, from the current system of a county council and six district councils to a system of a unitary council or councils (providing the services currently delivered by Cumbria County Council and the district councils of Allerdale Borough, Barrow Borough, Carlisle City, Copeland Borough, Eden District and South Lakeland District).

The Government formally invited all seven Cumbrian authorities to submit their proposals for local government reform that would replace the current setup.

Further details and the proposals that were submitted can be found here.

On 22 February 2021, the government announced an eight-week consultation, welcoming the views of all those interested in the proposals, including local residents, town and parish councils, businesses and the voluntary sector.

To have your say, the online survey and details of how to respond by email/in writing can be found on the link above. The consultation period closes on 19th April 2021.

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