Are you 16-18? Cumbria Future Leaders Needs YOU!

The steering group are keen to ensure we have representation from all age groups and would like to understand the views and perspectives of young people aged 16-18 and ensure that the voice of this age is heard and listened too!

We are seeking motivated, enthusiastic, and forward-thinking young people to join our CFL 16 – 18 sub-group to make sure that the voice and ideas of this age range is heard.

Key Questions

What is the purpose of the group? The purpose of this group will be to support and feed into the ideas and work of the Cumbria Future Leaders Steering, sharing those issues that matter most to them and providing their ideas and perspectives.

What is the commitment? We would ask students to attend regular online meetings, the frequency of these meetings is to be agreed by the members of the subgroup which meet monthly.

What are the benefits? As a member of the CFL 16 – 18yr old subgroup, you will be given an opportunity to develop important transferable skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership and build your professional networks. Your ideas and voice will be listened too and working with peers from the Cumbria Future Leaders Steering group you will be able to influence decisions that impact your future. You will also be able to work alongside a range of professional and organisations and gain valuable insight into the support and opportunities on offer for young people and professionals.

If you or someone you know is interested complete the registration form here. 

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