Help us shape the future of Cumbria.

Cumbria’s Future Leaders

Why? Cumbria has significant investment opportunities which will support the economic growth in our surrounding towns. These positive steps forward in the economy will support thriving communities and in turn create opportunities for future generations.

It is therefore vital that we include young people in the development of these opportunities, so they can work together with businesses and the wider community to develop ideas and solutions which maximise these opportunities and help shape the future success of Cumbria.

How? We have brought together key stakeholders to share thinking, brain storm ideas, gather problem statements and develop the scope and context for Cumbria’s Future Leaders and to set up a steering group who will drive this forward.

Cumbria Future Leaders: Background

Over the last decade The Centre for Leadership Performance (CfLP) has worked closely with employers, educators and young people to understand their needs and develop a collaborative approach that can respond to those needs. The Dream Placement Alumni is a growing group of young people who have applied for and participated in the Dream Placement scheme; this group represents a significant slice of young Cumbrian talent.

These alumni and their peers make a key contribution to the future of the local community and economy and we felt that it was important to harness their input, potential and talent through Cumbria Future Leaders (CFL). CFL will work collaboratively to broker opportunities and connections between young people, employers and their communities, co-ordinate existing activity and promote the great work that already exists within Cumbria.

So how can you get involved? We are already working in partnership with our Dream Placement host companies and the Next Generation Executive at Sellafield Limited, Cumbria LEP, BECBC Shadow Board, young professional networks, youth groups, schools and employers to ensure that we hear all voices and create a steering group that truly represents this group of young people so we have gathered views, perspective and ideas from stakeholders through 2 focus groups which were held on 4th and 5th November.

These focus groups, the Agents for change event and Dream Placement events has meant that we have been able to do extensive research to establish a need, bring partners together to scope the terms of reference for the group and to seek volunteers and representatives who will form a steering group to drive this agenda forward. This will take place on Thursday 13th February at 4pm.

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Cumbria Future Leaders: The story so far…...

Below are some aims of the Cumbria Future Leaders based on a series of workshops already held with young people who are part of our Dream Placement Alumni and focus groups with wider stakeholders.   We very much see that this will evolve and be shaped by the formation of a Cumbria Future Leaders Steering Group made up of young people and representatives from SL, Tier 2, education, youth groups, charities and SME representatives.

The CFL aims to:

  1. Develop leadership capability across the county which has positive and sustainable outcomes for local economies and communities
  2. Create an active network for young people to support one another to achieve success and accelerate their careers
  3. To provide a mechanism by which the various boards, groups and networks can interact and coordinate and strengthen the diversity of voice in Cumbria across all sorts of topics.
  4. Strengthen and build greater links between young people, employers, educators and for young people to feel invested and connected to their local community
  5. Develop a Knowledge Centre for collating and sharing experiences
  6. Link with other youth bodies across Cumbria and develop a young person’s voice in Cumbria so they can influence the future
  7. Broker links with employers and young people networks and communities, to build relationships and signpost to opportunities
  8. Nurture a culture of enterprise, innovation and collaboration with young people and businesses working together to solve some of today’s challenges
  9. Create a platform where young people can develop insightful dialogue through social media and face to face events and activities to promote discussions on the issues that matter most to them
  10. Increase collaboration and enhance the great work already happening in the County e.g. CLEP, Cumbria Careers Hub, Hello Futures, YGN, All Together Cumbria, The Careers and Enterprise Company, BECBC, Inspira, FESP and Carlisle Ambassadors


Please get in touch with Sarah.glass@cforlp.org.uk if you would like to get involved. Please sign up to our mailing list https://cumbriafutureleaders.org.uk/sign-up-for-news/